Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The wedding was just a "reason" ...

..Mom 'n dad had come down to stay with me for a while.. and all i had to do on weekends, was to be "at home" !! great food and no treks..waaw !! a fatal combination for my pot !! ;) .My parents decided to leave on Saturday night (all my attempts to postpone it to monday were in vain)..Saturday night meant i had to be in Bangalore..and no trek ! .

KK ( my college pal ) invited me for his brother's wedding in Tumkur..I was longing for some trek or a ride and i saw some opportunity here..I convinced my mom that i'll be going to Tumkur on bike at 10 in the night..the reason given : my friend's wedding :)

Convincing mithun was easy .."hey mith, we'll go for a ride..and if possible attend KK's bro's wedding" ( note here that the ride comes first ! )...and we were all set for the ride..
I saw mom n dad off and mithun was ready to pick me up outside the station..The ride wasn't too exciting except for tunneling through trucks lined up near Peenya..We were in Tumkur at 0000hrs..KK had booked a room for us, for we were the official guests for the wedding..KK was oblivious of our hidden agenda ;)

We had plans to visit Madhugiri..but,
The wedding muhurtam was at 0830hrs..We had to start very early if we had to be back in time..When Mithun said "we'll be starting off at 4 am tomorrow", KK's face was a sight to see :) ..We went to get some info about the route and distance to Madhugiri..We asked 2 lodge workers, each of whom suggested a route and started arguing that his route is the best..We realized they were drunk and we believed none..

We started off at 430 am from Tumkur without the knowledge of the road..and there was none to guide us..Off the distance we saw a shaky figure and in-spite of the last night's experience, we had to ask him..He turned out to be good guide..At 530, we were at the base of Madhugiri..It seemed "not that great" from the base..I checked out the sunrise time in my GPS and it said 0553 hrs..We started climbing as fast to reach a good height to get a good view of the sunrise..With 5 minutes left for the day-break, we found a raised gun-point..It was an architectural marvel..It seemed seamless with the rocks, an extension..The rising sun made the yonder hills more visible..

The muhurtam was at 0830hrs
! ..
we had to climb real fast..If the time constraint had created a potential difference, the picturesque scenes were the resistance..Mithun was bent upon exhausting the memory in his cam..We reached a place where the wall along path was missing..there were iron railings to support on a steep side..

this is the place where a few guys following us gave up the climb..And finally, we made it to the top..i threw my bag, held the GPS and went to gauge the summit..i climbed a rock only to realize that we had "a lot more to go" !!..And we finally made it to the top this time :) ( i was still skeptical though )

The elevation of this point was 1198m,
with a re-ascent of around 400m from the base..A bit taller than Savandurga..One good thing about the fort is, there's no temple on the top to attract pilgrims ( there's a temple in ruins ) and the ascent itself is kind of difficult..This has helped retaining the fort walls in a fairly good condition..The peak had a small fortress that had several rooms supported by pillars..

On the other side of the fortress ( the western side ), we could get the view of distant siddarbeTTa and channarayanadurga..The gusty winds on the top seemed to carry us..and occasionally we lost the balance too..There was a thin mist and we knew for sure, we were in the clouds..

The muhurtam was at 0830 :) ..We had to rush down..A few others were joining us for the wedding..When i called them up, it was their "wake up" call !!..and there was no way they could make it to the wedding in time ..The muhurtam was still at 0830, just that, it lost its significance ;) ..We informed KK that we'd be late too..and we had more time..We reached the base and went to a temple that was seen from the top..We enquired about the road to SiddarabeTTa..The shopkeeper gave us "written directions" for the names of the villages were confusing like "chinaka Vajra" etc..
The guy also told that madhugiri is the biggest monolith in Asia and not the Savandurga...I wasn't convinced though..He told that many doors in the fort have been locked by archaeologists and they house some mysterious secrets !!

We reached Channarayanadurga after taking a deviation on the Madhugiri-KoraTagere road via Chinaka-vajra..This
fort too seemed less damaged..We had no interest to climb this one..We proceeded towards SiddarabeTTa..This one seemed swarmed by pilgrims..When asked about the place, One lady said that it had some temples on the top..Later, Kaushik told me that there are caves on the top..got to check it out once..

A small pond filled with bloomed lotus was too beautiful to be missed out..
There were some guys standing on the banks trying to fish out some flowers with sticks..Mithun succeeded in forcing the guys to venture in the waters and pluck the flowers with some psyching-up statements like "hey you guys are of no use..can't you go into the water and pluck 'em ? "..Very soon, there were dozens of flowers and buds in our hands :)

The muhurtam was at 0830..it was already 0930 !..We rode back with a few photo-stops..
We were at the wedding hall even before the rest of 'em joined us from Bangalore..A heavy lunch put an end to a foggy idea that was coming to my mind to visit Devarayandurga later in the day..

KK was hinting about him getting married..I was thinking "well..I can't wait that long !..i hafta find another reason to trek in this place"..hmmm..Do, i need any "reason" at all ?? :)

see more pics here


At 3:40 AM, Blogger RP said...

me 1st. me 1st.

amazing buddy. nice xplanation of the trip. though as a biker myself, i wud hve luved more inputs on the route & other biking related stuff. :-)

As usual mithz fotoz has captured nice moments perfectly. I cud almost feel being there.

psst.... yer writing is interesting. esp the repetion of The muhurtam was at 0830 is really gud. i was laughin out loud everytime i read this. :-D

At 5:09 AM, Blogger Sameer G Kulkarni said...

Great Trek Hhh?..
Missing One More partner I Guess..?
Anyways, really Good Photos..

At 9:41 PM, Blogger Amrut said...

note here that the ride comes first !
Great blog!!!
Great trek.. mast hai bedu....

At 9:55 PM, Blogger praveen chavan said...

Hey RP, you need road info, I'll give you a gps map ;) ..missed you guys in the ride..we had no time to plan it da..it was "instantaneous"
hey sameer..r u talking about nagu san ?..ya, we miss him :(
Ambya..we'll plan a bike ride en-route mysore..we'll have fun..

At 1:49 AM, Blogger Krishna said...

soooper pics maga.
Mind,if I tell your parents the real reason for your ride
Yeah,do u need a ,reason at all..

At 9:25 AM, Blogger Bulla_ki_jaana said...

maga solid!

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Karthik Subramani said...

maga , ulti ... u mentioned something abt a "pot" .. are u referring to urself ... no way u can get a pot !

At 9:49 PM, Blogger praveen chavan said...

hey msk, you've got to believe it man ! :)

At 4:44 AM, Blogger PJ said...

Finally PC goes on a trek!!! ;-)

At 9:54 AM, Blogger deepak said...

Any possibility of publishing the GPS coordinates of Madhugiri? Or a kmz file?


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