Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Mysore is not far away.....

Mysore was calling me for Dasara..but, Dasara was not the only reason..Staying away from home for the first time is very difficult for anyone..and for someone like my little sister, it's even more painful..So, mysore was calling meet pallu..

Having decided to visit mysore alone, i planned to stay with my friend. Thanks to the overcrowded lodges and hotels..In the background, 2 of my dear friends had decided to join me, much to my oblivion !!..Sonal mails me that keerti and herself will be joining me !!..But, i dismissed the plan to take them along..thanks to the accomodation problem again..atleast for sonal, it was difficult..finally, we found a place for pallu's hostel..

Next morn, it was sonal who woke me up at 5 am..and she was ready to go even before i had packed up !! and keerthi , as usual, came up with a surprise..he wasn't leaving home before 10..he had to attend some pooja ( no, not a girl )..I had to find out my friend's room in mysore first. So, i asked sonal to come along with keerti..I found out the house and met pallu too..But, keerthi's pooja still went on, with sonal growing more impatient..Everyting was set for the trip to be called off..but, sonal was too determined to let it go..and so was keerthi..they finally made it to mysore at 5 pm !! and pallu had already finished running around the zoo by then.. with very little time left, we could plan just one thing..and it had to be the the Great Mysore Palace..

The Palace was decorated and lit exuberantly for the occassion and was glittering with glory..walking with my head held high, staring at the palace, i had ignored the sight below..and what i saw was quite shocking..had never seen a crowd of that magnitude..unlike the crowd in a rock show, each one was moving in a different direction..pushing and struggling..a tumultous air with all sorts of music and announcements..To add to it, a puppet show was being staged on a makeshift stage on a truck..a scene of Goddess Chamundeshwari killing the demons was the plot..We were a witness to this great spectacle along with thousands others, who were watching it with great faith..I felt like folding my hands too..Having watched the struggle for 15 mins, with the daemon still giving a tough fight for the Goddess, we moved on to see the palace..

At the gates of the palace, people were gushing out like the water from a dam sluice..Comfort is always relative..I wish i were still watching the Goddess-demon was way better than this struggle..after a great deal of effort, we managed to enter the palace premises..I guess, if the generous Wodeyar had any idea that india would GROW so much, he'd have built bigger gates..and an even bigger palace itself.. We spent the rest of the day planning for the next day, savoured a nice meal and left for our rooms..

The D-day began with a trek to Chamundi was quite an experience to climb the hill in the mist with beautiful landscapes below..Inspite of the early timing, the queue for darshan was far stretched..we were patiently moving with the queue, and suddenly it stalled..the reason : the chief minister of karnataka, Mr. Dharam had arrived for a "special pooja" was time we lost our patience and the intention to quit the line came naturally, unanimously ..and in no time, we were in the bus stand..The "sea of people" of the last night'd scare any maritime voyager..I dropped my intentions to watch the famous "jamboo sawaari"..Instead, we planned to visit the KRS dam..For the fact that junta had decided to stay back for the highlight of the day ( the sawaari ), this place was spared from messing up..we had a great time walking along the dam.. with almost all the sluices open, river cauvery was flowing with all her was fun to watch the water gust off the dam gates and was apparently giving a feeling that the dam was moving backwards, as if it were to be a huge ship sculpted of rock..( our brave keerthi found it scary !! )..

Amidst all this, the fact that we had gone all the way to the temple and pulled ourselves out of the queue for darshan, was building up a sense of guilt in us..Keerti was the first to react..when he told about this adventure to him mom, "how dare you guys... and something and something ..." was the reply..we HAD to go back to the temple now..but we had no time for it..I suggested keerti that we'd visit the temple some other day and it was okay to go ahead with our next plan..and afterall "Mysore is no far away"...
We dropped pallu at her hostel..then decided to have lunch. ( coz great decisions are made with filled stomachs..said keerti )..tha's true..we, the indecisive lot, made the best decision of the trip..that was to "stay back"..Pallu's roommate was back, and my friend's room was no longer vacant..we checked into a hotel, deposited our luggage and took a bus to the betta ( chamundi hill )..we entered the temple without much struggle and an air of relief surrounded us..keerti looked relaxed..for all his guilt-feeling had washed away..he could go home and proudly tell his mom about his accomplishment ..Being on the hill-top, filled with a mixture of rain and mist, eating hot "bondas"..we guys can never forget that experience.....rain, mist, hot bondas and tea.....

The next day, Pallu couldn't join us ( colleges are more strict than companies )..we took an auto for the zoo..the auto driver smiled and said "the animals wont be awake so early sir..instead i will drop you at the art gallery"..the next few hours were spent admiring at the creations of masters, shopping, watching animals, scolding the idiots who were throwing stones at animals ( it was keerti )..sonal suggested that we meet pallu again..we met her, saw her campus and it was time to leave her and leave mysore..

Though I was exhausted, the memories of the trip were too heavy to let me sleep..Keerti was still thinking of the Chamundi hill accomplishment...and guess sonal was being disturbed with the thought of buses chasing her in the bus stand :) ..

I had never imagined that this trip would ever materialize, but it did..and turned out to be one of the best..


At 6:42 AM, Blogger sonal said...

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At 6:47 AM, Blogger sonal said...

praveen you missed a lot of things in your huge blog..
i will mention a few..
lets start with Keerti..
it was quite a scene watching Keerti's body oscillating like a pendulum..whenever n whereever he found time and place to sleep..he will droop off to sleep happily..
one second he will be all excited about going to Chamundi Hill and in the next second, he will be in his dreams....bcoz he will be asleep.
hmm..and when we came out of the zoo..we took a "tonga" from there(i insisted)..i was pitying the poor horse and Keerti was singing the song (rather narrating the song)"musafir hoon yaaron ghar hai na thikana.." and i was explaining him the meaning of the song..Then we three had lunch, in just guess how much bucks?? one less than twenty rupees..YES!! that was another beauty of the place..:)

I will talk more about Keerti.but before that few things about the blogger himself. ;) I think those who will read this blog and this comment , must have been to a trek with him..i was the only who was left probably..but with his sis not around .. you will never know what a guy he is..!!
Keerti will agree with me on this!
I really wished i had a elder brother too..So much so,I ended crying in the bus once (while coming back from Chamundi hill..)..bcoz i so much missed my elder brother..who is not with us any more..
Keerti..Did you miss you elder brother toooooo..?? Well that was a joke. :)
It was a great experience being pampered all the time by these two guys..It really made me feel special :)
Then the museum.With the man around , we didn't need a guide. Praveen actually made us admire the paintings..for me and Keerti were all but ignorant to the world of paintings :( he told us everything..close one eye...take few steps back look at the big really made a could see the 3-D effect..Now that was Praveen..and many more..i can't write need to be lucky enough to have his comapny for that ;)
hmm..then pallu..
She is a engineering student in NIE,Mysore..for all you know.
But meet her once and you will know she is a kid,not of her parents,but of her bro.She will giggle once and look at his brother twice ,in every sentence she speaks.. In between I was wondering..Whether me and Keerti had come alone..or these two were also with us..somehow when we sat in a bus..and since guys can't sit in ladies' seat..i got a chance to be with her..she is sweet as honey and as innocent as a kid..i simply loved talking to her..:)we talked about nearly everything..Dharwad,Amritsar,mysore,bangalore,college,school,friends,family,nature,painting,knitting,sewing,dresses,guys..etc.etc.. so thats how she will make you feel comfortable in her company..

then there is a lot more..
but later..

At 7:23 AM, Blogger praveen chavan said...

so sonal,
when is the part-2 coming ??
I guess your comments will eventually grow longer than my long-blog ;)

At 8:43 PM, Blogger Nagu said...

so sonal u spoiled pallu also...
keerti as usual is a phenomenon
praveen...i feel like i missed something.Seems these days i miss a lot ;)

At 11:49 PM, Blogger ~*. D E E P A .* ~ said...

hey PC ...

me coming to BLR on Nov 20th ... 21 being my bday ... expecting gifts in advance :))

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Deepak Krishnan said...

nice blog..and yes, i remember motilal lenin..heard hes at seabird now..


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