Monday, July 18, 2005

My worst fear ..

Every morn, on the way to office, seated in the office cab ( One great thing for which i like my company ), listening to the radio city, looking thru' the window, I get to see a common sight every day : local buses, themselves overloaded, unable to decongest the bus-stops...this leaves the commuters with a few options - board an equally overcrowded cab (where one's sanity is at stake ) ,or take an auto ( where one's fortune is at stake ), or give up the idea of going to the office altogether..

It's the fear of missing the bus, the fear of losing myself in that crowd, the fear of that struggle, that doesn't let me sleep beyond 7:30's this fear that gets my sleepy body to the bus-stop on time..But, today, this blessed day, my worst fear came true..I missed the bus. I was pressing my shirt (an attempt to look neat atleast on Mondays) and this unscheduled activity cost me time..very dearly..

I was barging in thru the crowd desperately trying to catch a bus. much like finding oneself left alone midst the barbarians ..and in one of those company buses,i imagined a Caesar jeering at me, stretching his hand, pointing his thumb horizontally, which'd go up or down and eventually'd decide my survival..the shouting of " Marathalli, Marathalli" too sounded like the " Maximus, Maximus " ..

I managed to fight for myself a 12" X 8" X 6' space in a mini-cab. When i came out of it, i realized, that i had better not spent time pressing my shirt, for it made no difference in the end...atleast i'd have enjoyed the luxury of sitting in my cab.

If I had to go thru this for a single day, I just don't know how one tolerates this every other day..the authorities seem oblivious of this common man's struggle..The roads just don't seem capable of handling the magnitude of ever increasing traffic..The Peripheral Ring Road, proposed by BDA would make no difference..coz, by the time it's inaugurated, the traffic would have grown's time the B'lore Development Authority gives thought beyond the surface roads, to underground rails and Elevated transit systems..