Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Where Eagles Dare...

After a gap of 2 weeks ( after the all consuming cycle trip ), a much awaited trek had to be planned. This time, we opted for some climbing and the obvious destination was Ramnagar, of the Sholay fame - the Mecca of rock climbers. Mithun, Badam boy, Nesara, Kee3 and myself, kick started our bikes from RV College at 3.30 pm on Saturday. Our target for the day was to scale a simple hillock and watch the setting sun. while we stood by the highway to choose our day's target, Mithun's uncle spotted us and stopped his car. His cousin narrowed down our search when he claimed to have climbed all "those" (we were eyeing) except for a few "tough" ones..It was against our dignity to aim for something which a school boy can climb..
very soon, we were at the base of one of the tough-but-scalable rocks. A shepherd welcomed us and gave us some details about the water sources there and assured us that our bikes'd be safe under. The ascent was steep and tough. the inclination kept on rising. We stopped when the peak was an almost vertical climb. Any professional climber'd think twice and without the climbing gear, it seemed impossible. Nesara led the team through dwarf bamboo bushes to the other side of the mountain. This side provided little chances of reaching the top where others provided none. A falcon sitting at the peak was giving a stare, for it was surely a place where only an eagle could dare..I was reminded of McLean's Schloss Adler..only missing thing was a cable car..

We reached a point where the rock was almost vertical, just beyond reach, beyond which there was a scope for further ascent. We were carrying no ropes and no hooks, just high hopes..One of us managed to climb this portion while the others pushed up. the guy who climbed up would hang down and the rest'd use him as a rope to climb up..these adrenaline pumping feats and deeds led us to a cozy cave just below the summit. We had to stop and this time the decision was unanimous. The peak seemed unattainable without gear.. This pit stop gave us ample time to dress our cuts and bruises, admire the heights, take pictures and listen to Nesara's jokes..
We knew the descent was going to be tougher without ropes. Visibilty was left alone to the responsibility of moon and a couple of torches. Keerthi was showing great improvement considering his apprehensive descent in the Pearl Valley. We had to make our own way through the bushes in the dark. A silver line which perhaps looked like a stream from the top was the destination we were heading towards. Thankfully, it turned out to be a stream. After having the dinner, we moved along the base of the hill in search of the bikes.
The shepherd had assured us that they'd be safe and so they were. The silhoutte of the Schloss Adler was visible against the moon-lit clouds. and from this angle, it seemed unattainable. We battled against the cold weather by burning all the old newspapers we had. The shepherd greeted us in the morning with a news for us "be careful, this is a conservative park for the dangerous sloth bear" .why on earth didn't he warn us yesterday, thought some of us..but i guess, it wouldn't have helped us much.
Mithun had to leave to Mysore and our men were wounded. The target for the day had to be a simple one. After an exquisite breakfast at the Janapada Loka, we headed towards the day's pick. It was a simple one though highest in the region. gusty winds, fast moving clouds and scary cliffs were a treat on the top. We had lunch at Kadu Mane on the way, and visited the Dodda Alada Mara( Big Banyan Tree) - a single, huge Banyan tree spread around 4 acres. While we were busy trying out our photographic skills, Keerthi took a quick nap..
One more trek ended where i didn't want it to..I bid audieu to The Schloss Adler and made up my mind that i'd conquer it the next time..The eagle still kept soaring around it..tempting me to dare one more time..
Next morn, on the breakfast table, there were the usual fights "if you don't take me next time..I .. !!!"...."why didn't you call me ?"...

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    At 2:26 AM, Blogger Karthik Subramani said...

    this is something novel , in the sense the images you normally see, of scenic beauties leave you with no feeling coz u ve seen hundreds of them , but when u go to top of a hill and see it with your own eyes ... its way too cool.


    At 12:04 AM, Blogger praveen chavan said...

    Hi Railmani..that's can never capture the scenic beauty entirely with a's got to be experienced..

    At 7:55 AM, Blogger Sheshagiri said...

    We should catch up sometime for trekking together! I have been finding difficult to get people for travelling with me. None of my friends were there for my Himalayan trip :(
    Please change your blog settings to allow comments by non blogger users. I don't want to comment using my blogger id, I would prefer to use as my id.

    Give my blog link on your site, I have already given yours on my site ;)


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