Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kannada in the global village...

Kannada Chalana Chitra - with a difference

Yesterday, when i was accompanying my uncle to the CET cell, a catchy signboard caught my attention..It was that of a Kannada movie..what intereseted me most was the name of the movie - followed by a punch line..I guess this is the first attempt towards Kannada movies going global..As such, Kannada language is itself going global in this global village..
"hello saar, namma Appu avara new filam ( film ) nodidra?..super saar..beautiful acting saar..songs-oo super-u .."
"ayyo !!..nodide saar..tumbaa worst-u"
i guess you don't have to be a kannadiga to follow this global kannada..and Kannada movies I guess, will no longer be categorized among "foreign language films" in the Oscars..And Kannada language, a subject of interest for the linguists in leading universities...
here's a list of some of the recent Kannada movies, world famous in Karnataka..

Kaashi - from Village

Shaastri - for mass
O gulaabiye ( hey Rose ) - for someone
Green signal - the game begins
Sai - ready to fight
Akash - sky is the limit
Jogi - a feel that never ends

..merely by modernizing names, or placing a ban on other language movies being screened, if the Kannada film industry thinks of handling the competition, i see no future for Kannada films. I guess they realize this before it's too late.. a couple of genuine movies produced here and there do keep my hopes floating though..If not the movies, preserving the richness of Kannada language lies very much in every Kannadiga's hand..


At 10:47 PM, Blogger sangeet said...

Absolutely true man.........But don't you think so, the punch lines are just one of the way to attract the attention of english crazy B'loreans.

At 3:04 AM, Blogger praveen chavan said...

Ya sure they are eye catchers. though i blogged against it, i do have a soft corner for the Kannada movies..Hope the directors give heed to the content of the movies..


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