Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chunchi waterfall again

Having seen this waterfall in a hurry and in the dark last time, I wanted to visit this place again with more time to explore the neighbourhood. Nothing was planned as of Friday afternoon ( as usual ) and in the worst case, i thought of joining Sonal and Co. for their trip to Hogenekkal. But, she reminded me that I had already seen Hogenekkal !!..

Staying at home, Teju always finds it difficult to move out with us on crazy treks. This time, he was determined for one. I suggested this waterfall again ( with some selfish reasons ). A bike ride was planned immediately. The next morning, we found that we were falling short of a bike. Subsequently, the bike ride turned out to be a cozy car ride ( 1 car + 2 bikes ). Teju, with his Learner's License was reaching top speeds of 120 and often Baccha'd yell "cool shiva.."and Shenvi was his sole pacifier..It was a kinda family-drive.
So far so comfortable.

On reaching the waterfall, she was more beautiful than i had seen the other day..without wasting time, me and mithun dashed ahead to find an access to the water below. The ravine was steep and slippery. We tried almost every access down and all seemed difficult. A couple of descents were almost successful but, demanded suicidal jumps to reach the waters. We came back defeated. Meanwhile Teju was attempting an adventure and he had found an easier access. This route took us down and Dal followed us soon. The cascade appeared more gigantic and more graceful from here.

On the way back, we visited the Arkavathy river Dam. Baccha had taken refuge on Varad's bike for Teju was too fast for him. He changed minds again for if Teju was fast, Varad was furious.. The journey was so very comfortable all the way

down and it finally ended with the usual great hospitality in Teju's house..We then eased out to our ways..
For the past few treks, It seems, I've traversed all along the Arkavathy's aisle. Starting from her origin at Nandi Hills, then SavanDurga, then Ramnagar and now the Chunchi not far before she loses her identity into the Cauvery. It's really sad to see the doomed state of the bithplace of this river in nandi Durga. All one can see there is a ditch with a couple of beer bottles !!..Mithun christened this river kiddingly as - the "Arrack"-vathy. It's in our hands, of the tourists, to maintain the serenity of any place. If there ain't any trash bins, it doesn't mean we need to litter around. There's no harm in carrying the trash out of the jungles for disposal. This is the least we can do and is all we need to do ...

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At 5:44 AM, Blogger Karthik Subramani said...

So Sherpa (dal) finally joined you on an adventure !
I agree with you abt the garbage issue ,i ve seen ppl who are educated ...aware of the problems but make exceptions for themselves when chucking plastic cups out of the train or at the beach. Maybe the "Anniyan" way is the right way ...

At 2:18 AM, Blogger sonal said...

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