Wednesday, May 04, 2005

look who's eyeing the White House.

I found a funny article in the TOI (dated 4th of May 05) which read, " J Lo eyes the White House " .. I re-read, just to confirm WHO ??.. it was " J Lo "
.. I read again, 'coz this time, i thought it must be " A White House " .. no no, it was " THE White House " !!.

After having tried hands at singing, dancing, gymnastics and men, J Lo is now obsessed with House Keeping. . She says she loves to clean her house ( all new things seems interesting in the beginning ) and all her stress disappears when she's striaghtening up..( and what the hell !! she had to choose the White House for it ?? )

She says "The first thing I'd like to do is redecorate the White House - it doesn't look too cozy" ..Guess how it'll imagination is limited...

she claims herself to be a power house and is capable of challenging Bush and intends to be the first female President of the United States..Let's hope that this new obsession of J Lo, like any other Ojani Noa, Puffy or Ben Affleck episodes, dies away before the next Presidential election..

...till then, she can continue eyeing on the White House . ..
'coz eyeing wont cost a thing ...


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