Friday, May 20, 2005

The Best Laid Plans..

2 days of planning, further 2 days for rope-ing in people to join, 2 more days for getting the logistics right..this is usually what goes into making a planned trek..But, the fun of having a totally unplanned trek is a different experience altogether..these unplanned activities, most of the times surpass the efficacy of even the Best Laid Plans..
....A bike trip to a waterfall in the neighbourhood was up on the schedule and almost 8 of us had marked our calenders..couple of 'em pulled back owing to their personal commitments and that eventually led to calling off the sunday plan..Paru's treat for making it to the IIM, however came as a compensation..After a heavy meal, sleep was the only thing uppermost on everyone's mind..
..I was thinking that something was wrong with the stellar positions, or the earth were traversing a retrograde path, for it was leading to a series of unusual events..The usual-lazy Paru was all pumped up to go on a bike ride and the ever-ready Shashu put down the idea.. Finally, 4 of us decided to carry out what others were referring to a fool's was foolish indeed to start a bike trip on bad roads to a waterfall distant 75 km at 4 in the eveing !!. is blind, but a craze like this is even more the time we decided and left the city limits, it was 5.00 pm..we had less time, lesser patience.. gap between sun and horizon narrowed and so did the roads.. our spirits were high and the pillion riders' higher ( for they were air-bound most of the time ).. the destination was near and the falling of dusk nearer.. We finally made it to the place - Chunchi falls 5 km off the Sangama-Kanakpura road.. No sooner than we parked our bikes, a guy came from nowhere to collect the parking fees..i'm afraid this B'lore-disease has even spread to a place so remote..
..All i could see while climbing down was satirical and ridiculing expressions of people returning back..some concerned brethren were shouting " be careful, don't rush.."...and within seconds, we were seeing the river Arkavathi fall down the rocks with brute force and an equal grace, trying to spread the message that patience and perseverence can cut unyeilding rocks with a thing as feeble as water..the mirk that was encompassing, left only the white stream visible and the waters seemed to be falling from void back to the void.. that was an experience..simply mind blowing..
...It always takes more struggle to cover up the folly committed in haste..we had a bigger task, that of reaching home - safely.. the roads being narrow, we had to often descend the main road to let the speeding trucks go was the most difficult 2 hours of bike ride of my life hitherto..Venky further scared me by reminding me that it was a new moon day.. it was the pitch darkness that was troubling me more than the superstition behind the Amavaasya..
...the roads, i thought were designed by engineers frustrated by studying the Fourier Series during their Engineering, that they were punishing the riders with a road - having a fundamental component of 1m wavelength and an amplitude of 0.5 m and some surprise-components ( glitches ).. quite often, the natural frequency of the shocks'd match with the fundamental, tossing the pillion rider high up in the air..
...We were back to the place where we stated at 9:00 pm..The sight of a cop reminded us that so far, i was driving a bike without a license and Paru-the licensed fella was riding a bike without documents.. This thought had agitated Paru enough and when i turned back, I saw the most hilarious sight ever - Paru had apparently hit the cop trying to stop him.. a couple of female pedestrians blaming the cop for his carelessness ( make sure you read "blaming the cop" ) ..and our Paru showing his compassion by sitting on the bike and shaking his head !!..i rubbed my eyes 'coz, for a moment i could not believe my weary eyes..We managed to disapper from the scene before the cop could think of holding us back..
..Me and mithun have had many of such "unplanned treks".. but surely, this was the mother of all..'s said "You're only here for a short visit. Don't hurry, don't worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way ".. though we hurried all along, we enjoyed every moment of the ride..every tick of it..


At 2:14 AM, Blogger Karthik Subramani said...

Hi pc ,

msk here , really cool stuff maga !

At 10:11 PM, Blogger praveen chavan said...

Hey mski..nice to know that you u read this "stuff"...stay in touch..


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