Thursday, April 21, 2005

..Look Who's making more profit than the TVS and BAJAJ

..The technological advances have improved the health-care and have added a few years to man's life expectancy. But unfortunately, the quality of life one leads in these bonus years is not always guaranteed.. Artificial organs and support systems, feeding tubes and dangling drips - supporting a life, and keep adding more years to this life ( sometimes as much as 15, in case of Terry Schiavo )..
...It's even more sad when someone goes to a hospital complaining about a pian in left leg and ends up in the morgue, swollen twice over, after a few months of intense pampering by the cutting edge health-care services...It's hard to digest the fact that even the sacred profession of saving lives has reduced shamefully to a industry which injects every posssible vitamin into a dying man at the cost of extracting all the Vitamin-M he has..
..One of my friends met with a bike accident and was taken to some X-hospital..Looking at the bruised guy, The doctor made a comment that shook me:

he says " We are making more profit than the TVS and BAJAJ " !!!!

... These are the very words a Doctor says, in the ememrgency ward of the famous X-Hospital - inspired by **** ( what ??? )...

..ages ago, when the CT scanners and pacemakers were merely concepts in great minds or were a mention in the fiction books, people lived healthier lives.. Margret Thatcher rightly says.."my grandmothers were strong.. 'coz it's not merely the technology that a dying man needs.. he needs something more ( reminds you of the pyaar ki jhappi of Munnabhai fame ? ) ..



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