Tuesday, March 29, 2005

great idea machaa !!

.....After a tired day at the cricket ground, i was returning home in BMTC bus, couched comfortably in the last seat.....to my right were seated some "yo" guys speaking english in typical B'lore accent...

...." ye what da..( pronounced as whaaaat daaa )....chumma this fellow dragged us here da..let's go to B's house okay ( wokey ) ?"
B speaks out "..No da !!..my mom will hit me only.."
C says "..we can go to my house machaa.."
A says "..it's too far da.."

....soon they start discussing about the drinks they should be buying for the party they gonna be having.. the discussion grows so loud that, it seems to include even the guy sitting in the first seat.....very soon, the discussion deviates to some serious topic...the mobile phones :

....A says "..u know what da..that X is there no ?( i don't care he's there or no ) ..He bought a recharge da.. then he and Y typed the code and sent the message simultaneously ..u know what da..both of them got the currency added da !!!"
C jumps out of his seat "..great idea machaa...!!!"
B gives a sensible reply .." it's not possible da..otherwise everyone will buy 1 recharge and add currency..it's like everyone comes and sits in one seat..." - pointing to my seat :(

..i was crying within.."ayyo !! not my seat please"... and was hoping that the driver never heard any of these ..lest, newspapers'd say the next day "Insane driving : a BMTC bus falls off the Marathalli bridge "...


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