Tuesday, March 29, 2005

great idea machaa !!

.....After a tired day at the cricket ground, i was returning home in BMTC bus, couched comfortably in the last seat.....to my right were seated some "yo" guys speaking english in typical B'lore accent...

...." ye what da..( pronounced as whaaaat daaa )....chumma this fellow dragged us here da..let's go to B's house okay ( wokey ) ?"
B speaks out "..No da !!..my mom will hit me only.."
C says "..we can go to my house machaa.."
A says "..it's too far da.."

....soon they start discussing about the drinks they should be buying for the party they gonna be having.. the discussion grows so loud that, it seems to include even the guy sitting in the first seat.....very soon, the discussion deviates to some serious topic...the mobile phones :

....A says "..u know what da..that X is there no ?( i don't care he's there or no ) ..He bought a recharge da.. then he and Y typed the code and sent the message simultaneously ..u know what da..both of them got the currency added da !!!"
C jumps out of his seat "..great idea machaa...!!!"
B gives a sensible reply .." it's not possible da..otherwise everyone will buy 1 recharge and add currency..it's like everyone comes and sits in one seat..." - pointing to my seat :(

..i was crying within.."ayyo !! not my seat please"... and was hoping that the driver never heard any of these ..lest, newspapers'd say the next day "Insane driving : a BMTC bus falls off the Marathalli bridge "...

Monday, March 28, 2005

A Great Trek On A Good Friday

...there was a time when i never used to miss a single weekend trekking in the wild..and i guess i'd never have had an attendance shortage if my profs were to call out the roll in the jungles.. Being a habitual trekker, i can talk for hours & perhaps write a treatise on the similarities of all those experiences. But, the uniqueness of the last trek compels me to write how different it was compared to the rest....the very fact that i'm writing an account of this trip also adds to the difference....
...Unlike some holidays which overlapped with the weekend, The Good Friday this time was fortunately on a FRIDAY..and we had an extra day to spare..the planning began long before with mithun suggesting a long trek and aish suggesting a cycle trip, which was eventually scrapped 'coz we could not "jugaad" cycles.. and finally we decided to tread the abandoned track of Sakleshpur .....
....For the first time we were carrying tents..and for the first time we were having something other than maggi noodles for food ( Keerthi suggested Top Ramen as a change though :) ) ..thanks to Aish, she was adding a new dimension of "food" to our otherwise bland trek as far as the food dept. is concerned...and for the first time I was spending time to actually organise a trek....On the eve, we left the office early to shop for the resources..sitting in Le-Wild, I got a phone call from Keerthi "..somebody stop her !!..she's buying the whole of FoodWorld !!"..and i didn't believe it until i saw nagu and aish drowned a load of grocery..(which i now feel was worth carrying..)...
...As the zero hour approached,I found Deepak was the only guy besides me waiting for the bus..myself, already upsetwith the fact that Aish was dropping out, was almost broken when nagu called up saying "noop is still debugging and he may not make it..".. i couldn't think of anything & i wanted to go home and sleep.....and to add to my worries, keerthi calls up from an arbit PCO "chavan, as u said i'm on platform 1 "..and this cautious kid has kept his mobile at home...when me and Rajesh had almost given up searching for Keerthi on platform 1, a bizzare doubt struck me..and to clear this doubt, i ran towards the city bus-stand...and there was my man in platform 1 of Local Bus-Stand, arguing with the shopkeeper that the water bottle he was buying wasn't a genuine Aquafina..I was so relieved and irked at the same time that i started laughing..( much like the mamu of MunnaBhai fame )...the events that followed in the next couple of minutes were the least imagined of..noop fixes the bug..and aish is all set to join us !!.. ..the bus was about to leave and the tension mounted..the controller was announcing "seat no: 22 to 28 for 11:30 M'lore bus are requested to report immediately"..noop and aish arrive at the terminus on Sattu's and Dinesh's bikes...they did it..!! ..But, nagu couldn't..that poor chap's room was locked and he couldn't pickup his bag..but he made noop's trek possible..the back stage work he put up is worth appreciating..I heaved a sigh when i pushed in the last luggage in the bus..

..Next morn, the journey started as early as 4:30 am..and we kept walking on the abandoned track in dark without much excitement till we came across the first bridge..this rickety bridge with distant sleepers had a lot of thrill in store..screehces of the vibrating girders and screams of horrified junta ( u can guess who screamed the most ) filled the silent air till we reached the other end..back here, at the other side we began celebrating our first accomplishment...the journey continued whilst crossing screeching bridges and dark, bat-infested tunnels..we managed to descend a deep ravine at the cost of minor scratches and sprains..and very soon, we were hogging a full-course meal - thanks to the lady again...
.....the Yedakumeri station was already occupied by too many co-trekkers which forced us to move further ahead in search of a secluded place...by the time we could find a place, the light was disappearing.. me and mithun managed to push aside some bushes and made a place to pitch our tents in a bamboo canopy..This was the first time ever that I was feeling responsible for my team mates..my concerns rose when i could see a couple of apprehensive faces in the dark..But, we could not afford to get something better..and to our advantage, we had a stream nearby..tents were pitched, firewood collected and the cooking began...I remember all of us celebrating when keerthi's "kutti cooker" whistled for the first time :) .. people were imagining strange things coming out of the dark on a queer sound of rustling foliage.. though we made a bon-fire, the heavy supper and the tiring walk forced people to enter the tents and retire..it was a different experience for me and mithun who slept outside the tents exposed to the biting cold..in fact i never slept..i kept on patrolling the tents and rubbing my hands near the burning campfire..I could hear junta snoring in the tents ( and they claim they never did !!)....
.....3 of the adventurers had to pack up and keep moving for they had their classes..and for the rest of us it was the beginning of another day in the wild... The bridges that we came across on the 2nd day were even more exciting and the tunnels even darker..the tractor ride through the half a kilometer long tunnel was the best part..we met construction workers who watched us, as if we were to be some aliens..kids flocked around us begging for chocolates and biscuits....and i was busy trying to tell 'em that we weren't carrying any, in broken tamizh nad telugu....keerthi was found running at a distance with kids around him shouting "uncle uncle..photo..photo.." :)
..Deepak and Keerthi were apprehensive about continuing further and we decided to deviate from the track finally..we hit upon a nice place on the banks of a stream..had a refreshing bath and fulfilling lunch..with heavy backpacks and heavier hearts we left that place to Subrahmanya having succeded to stop a lorry after an hour of effort ( we were really missing aish then )..
....we boarded the bus ( The infamous KSRTC RED-bus ) after a great dinner at the temple..our sleepy beings were left with no interest or enthusiasm to care for the blues of the RED-bus..the tyres went flat and the brake liner was burnt..but, nothing could wake us up fully from sleep.. All in all , this was one of the best treks I've have had so far..It was no doubt a Great Trek on the Good Friday ( which was fortunately on a Friday )..
....i'll always cherish the memories of this GREEN ROUTE.. GREEN !!! this reminds me of something else..